Sake Cooler


This design speaks both to the past and the present by bringing a lavish aesthetic to any Sake service. These gorgeous Sake pots act as a decanter and a cooler. The glass ice holder separates the ice from the Sake so that it is never diluted. Choose the Maru Chirori for a clean and simple look or the Hakkaku Chirori with added engraving and interest.


W 180× D 130× H 150mm
Practical capacity: 360ml
Lid, Handle: Brass, Silver plated
Band: Stainless steel
Pot, Ice holder: Heatproof glass
Ice holder cover: Polyethylene
W 162× D 130× H 147mm
Practical capacity: 360ml

Lid, Handle: Stainless Steel
Lid Knob: Brass
Ice Holder Cover: Polyethylene
Glass Body, Ice Holder: Heatproof Glass


This product is hot water safe. Only the glass body is Dishwasher safe. 


Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual