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Retro Diner Pot

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Behold, a glorious retro style diner pot. This pot is quite large and can hold up to 1800ml of hot coffee. It features Hario’s signature Heat Proof Glass and a shape that inspires nostalgia and dreams of maxed out caffeine. 

Note: The top of this pot is slanted.  It is not designed for placing a dripper on top.

Product Number: CDH-18CBR

Color: Chocolate Brown

Size W210×D165×H173mm


Practical capacity 1800mL


Glass pot: Heatproof glass
Lid, Lid cap, Spout, Handle: Polypropylene
Sealant: Silicone rubber
Band: Stainless steel


This pot is Dishwasher Safe

This pot is not safe for use over open fire, microwave or oven use.


Made in Japan

Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual


Vintage glass round decanter with brown plastic handle and fluted spout. With thin metal collar around the glass. Set on a green background