ChaCha Kyusu "Maru" Tea Pot


This tea pot has a modern look and features our signature heatproof glass. The large metal strainer is spacious and allows the leaves to expand and extract easily. This pot comes in 3 sizes. 

Item Number: CHJMN-30T
Size: W143 × D98 × H98mm
Capacity: Practical Capacity 300ml 

Item Number: CHJMN-45T
Size: W155 × D118 × H95mm
Capacity: Practical Capacity 450ml 

Item Number: CHJMN-70T
Size: W173 × D132 × H108mm
Capacity: Practical Capacity 700ml

Glass Pot, Lid: Heatproof Glass
Strainer: Stainless Steel

Glass Pot, Lid : Made in Japan
Strainer: Made in China