"Harior 7" Coffee and Tea Press


The Harior 7 is a classic coffee and tea press with modern style. This press features sleek stainless steel and our signature Heatproof Glass. The glass is marked with milliliter marking following recipes a breeze. The glass portion of the press can all be removed for easy cleaning. 

Product Number:  THSV-2-HSV

Color: Hairline Silver

Size: W 136× D 92× H 128mm 90Φ

Practical capacity: 300mL (2 cups)

Product Number: THSV-4-HSV

Color:Hairline Silver

Size: W 136× D 92× H 184mm 90Φ

Practical capacity: 600mL (4 cups)


Body: Heatproof glass
Lid, Knob, Holder, Shaft, Filter: Stainless


Made in Japan

Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product Manual


This product is hot water and dishwasher safe.

This product is not safe for use over an open fire, in an oven or microwave.