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Hario Conical Tea Pitcher

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This conical tea pitcher is a modern take on a traditional tea pot. This beaker design features Hario’s signature Heatproof Glass and a built in stainless steel strainer. The lid opens when the pitcher is tilted allowing the brewed tea to freely decant. Milliliter marks are clearly printed on the glass making it easy to accurately dose and measure your hot water.

Product Number: CTP-500-GR

Color: Gray

Size: W 99 × D 99 × H 160mm

Practical capacity: 500ml


Pitcher/ Heatproof glass
Lid・Filter / Stainless steel
Gasket/ Silicone rubber

Made in Japan

Only the glass portion in microwave safe.

This product is also hot water and dishwasher safe.

Not safe for oven or open fire. 

conical glass with a stainless steel cone plug lid and silicone gasket. set on pink background