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Donabe Ceramic Cooking Pot

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Simple design that suits both Japanese and Western dishes.

This pot is perfect for cooking rice, stews, veggies, you name it! The pot is made with Japanese-made Banko ware and our signature Heatproof Glass. It's sturdy and safe for stovetop use, with handles that make it easy to lift and move around the kitchen. 

Product Number: (Small) GDN-225-B

Color: Black

Size: W275×D275×H170mm


Full capacity: 2,000mL


Product Number: (Large) GDN-255-B

Color: Black

SizeW310×D310×H185mm Φ255mm

Full capacity: 3,000mL



Lid knob: Polypropylene 

Glass lid:Heatproof glass

Pot: Heatproof ceramic pot


Made in Japan


Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual

Only pot can be used with an oven.

Do not put the lid in the microwave, or oven.

Glass lid and plastic parts are dishwasher safe.

Donabe Ceramic Cooking Pot
Donabe Ceramic Cooking Pot
Donabe Ceramic Cooking Pot