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Cafe Press U - 300ml

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Simply add coffee grounds or tea leaves with boiling water, and push the filter down for delicious brewed coffee or tea. The press uses a metal mesh filter that is loose enough to allow small coffee particles to pass through making for a rich, full body.  A variety of teas can also be brewed, from classic black teas to herbal teas. The black plastic holder is removable for cleaning. 

Product Number: CPU-2-B

Color: Black

Size: W 139× D 93× H 116mm 90Φ

Capacity: Practical capacity 300mL 



Body: Heatproof glass

Lid, Knob, Holder: Polypropylene

Shaft, Filter: Stainless


 Made in Japan


Safe for hot water and dishwasher. 

Not safe for Microwave, oven, IH stove or open fire. 

Coffee press featuring a glass pitcher with fluted spout, stainless steel mesh filter with pole, and a black plastic lid, knob, holder, and handle. Set against a blue background.