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"Clear" Slow Drip Coffee Brewer

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This sleek, clear cold brew tower uses single drops of cool water to extract ground coffee and yield a high quality cold brew.  Water is dropped slowly from an adjustable spout, passes through the grounds and through a metal filter to produce a smooth finished product.  The glass brewing elements are framed in a clear acrylic tower for a modern look.

Item Number: WDCR-6 
Size: W150×D129×H455mm
Capacity: 780ml 

Glass Lid, Upper Bowl, Lower Bowl, Pot: Heatproof Glass
Glass Lid Seal, Joint of Faucet, Cleat: Silicone Rubber
Faucet, Metal Filter: Stainless Steel
Stand: Methacrylate Resin
Measuring Spoon: Polypropylene

Made in Japan


Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual

Tall clear acrylic tower stand with water reservoir and drip spout sitting over a glass cylinder with metal mesh filter for coffee grounds, with all glass coffee server with handle underneath and paper filter pack, server lid, and white plastic scoop on a teal background