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Simply Hario - Glass Goblet

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This simple stemmed glass features our signature heat proof glass. It’s straight walls make for a fresh and modern design.

It’s perfect for iced tea, coffee or cocktails. 


Product Number: S-GG-300

Color: Clear

Size: W 80× D 80× H 130mm 80Φ

Full Capacity: 300ml



Heatproof glass


Made in Japan


This product is dishwasher and microwave safe.

See the full manual here

Heatproof square glass goblet with glass stem and foot. Set on blue background.
Link to YouTube video for the [Simply HARIO] Glass Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher | Glass Goblet | Ceramic Coffee Grinder. Person in video demonstrating milling with white grinder, the cold brew coffee maker and serving coffee in the glass goblet.