Outdoor Carry Bag


This bag is perfect for travel and camping. It’s designed to carry our Outdoor Metal V60, Outdoor Metal Server, Hario V60 Outdoor Coffee Mill, Hario Outdoor Stacking Cups, Hario Outdoor Kettle and 40 pack of 02 V60 filters. There is even enough additional space so you can store your coffee or the Hario V60 Scale. 


Interested in learning more about the products that are compatible with this set (not included) ? Check out each item here:

V60 Metal Dripper: O-VDM-02-HSV

V60 Metal Drip Kettle Buono: O-VKB-70-HSV

V60 Metal Coffee Server: O-VCSM-50-HSV: 

V60 Outdoor Stacking Mug: O-VSM-30-HSV

V60 Outdoor Metal Coffee Mill: O-VMM-1-HSV

40 Count Pack of Tabbed Natural V60 filters: VCF-02-40M


Product number: O-VCB-B

Color: Black

Size: W 330× D 290× H 170mm


Polyester 100%


Made in China


Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual



Spot clean only.