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Mugen Set

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The Mugen Dripper, though similar in look to the V60, is designed to brew with one slow, continuous pour. The main differences between the Mugen and the classic V60 are that the Mugen has flat walls, limited ridges and more flow restriction. The paper filter clings to the walls of the dripper, causing a slower drawdown and extending the contact time between the coffee and water. 

There are many ways to brew with this dripper, but we suggest starting with a slightly coarser grind setting than what you would use for a standard V60 Dripper.

This set comes with a Mugen Dripper, 300ml Beaker Server and a 40 pack of natural brown tabbed filters. 

Happy brewing! The possibilities are infinite.

Product Number: VDMU-2018-TB

Color: Transparent Black

Size: W 142× D 116× H 180mm


Dripper: 1-2 Japanese cups

Server: Practical capacity 300ml



Body: AS Resin

Holder: Polypropylene

Server: Heatproof Glass

Made in Japan

Translucent black plastic cone shaped dripper with bezier ridges and oval shaped black plastic base, set on a glass beaker server with glass handle with a cellphone packaged filters. set on a  yellow background.