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Hario Relax Diffuser & Vase - Cylinder

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This little diffuser is great for adding a bit of zen to your space. It’s perfect for holding essential oil or a small flower arrangement or a single flower bud. The diffuser features a natural wood wand and Hario's signature Heatproof Glass. The oil insert is removable for cleaning. 

Product Number: AD-CD

Color: Clear and Wood

Size: W 70 x D 70 x H 90 mm


Main Body + Wooden Stick: Natural wood

Glass Tube: Heat Proof Glass

Made in Japan

Round glass diffuser with natural wood wand and round knob.
Round glass infuser with plant branch and natural wood wand with round knob.
Round glass infuser with essential oils and diffusing plants inside and a natural wood wand with round knob, sitting on a grey table outside with a glass flask and beaker with yellow and white flowers in the background.
Round glass diffuser with purple flowers on a natural wood coffee table beside a white book and stacking blocks.