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Conical Pitcher

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The perfect tiny pitcher! Great for creamers, syrups and sauces. If you're going to add cream to your coffee, you might as well do it in style.

*Unicorn not included.



Product Number: CP-50

Color: Clear

Size: W50 × D50 × H71mm

Capacity: Practical capacity 50ml

Product Number: CP-100

Color: Clear

Size: W59 × D59 × H92mm

Capacity: Practical capacity 100ml


Heatproof Glass

Made in Japan

Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual

Two conical glass flask-shaped coffee pitchers, one big and one small, with a small white unicorn toy inside the small pitcher and set against a purple background.
Tiny 50 millileter conical glass flask-shaped coffee pitcher sitting on open hand with white long sleeve shirt against a purple, pink, white, and blue background.
Conical glass flask-shaped coffee pitcher with small white unicorn toy inside and set against a light pink and purple background.