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Coffee Mill "Octo"

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The Octo Coffee Mill is perfect for that barista looking for some countertop bling. This crystal clear resin grinder is both beautiful and practical. Its hourglass shape body is lightweight and easily fits in the hand. It also features a quick adjustment design that makes changing the grind size a breeze.

Product Number: MOC-3-TB
Color: Transparent Black
Size: W157 × DD70 × H213mm

Lid, Body : MS resin
Hopper : Polystyrene
Grind adjustment knob : Polyacetal, iron
Handle, Shaft, Spring : Stainless steel
Burr : Ceramic
Made in Japan


Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual

Clear plastic resin coffee hand grinder with hour-glass, octogonally shaped body, black clear plastic hopper, clear plastic lid, stainless steal handle, and black plastic knob set against a green background.
Coffee Mill "Octo"