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Bamboo Wand

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This reusable Bamboo Wand is the perfect tool to agitate coffee grounds while using various brewing methods and ensures even saturation and extraction. Great for V60 Drippers or Syphons. 

An ideal accessory for any coffee maker. You can stir vigorously without any risk of scratching the glass or finish of your dripper. You can use this Stirrer over and over again to whisk up the perfect cup of coffee. 

Product number: BA-15

Color: Bamboo

Size: 25cm l x 2.5cm w

Material: Bamboo

Made in China


Flat, smooth, bamboo stirring stick with rounded edges, tapered between the handle and stirring portion, and set against a blue background. This item is remniscent in shape to a tongue depressor and works great for evenly stirring coffee grounds.