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V60 Dripper & Thermocolor Server Set

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Add some color magic to your morning routine! This set comes with all the basics and features a decanter that changes color depending on the temperature of your coffee. Cold coffee turns the graphics blue and hot coffee turns the graphics pink. It's fun!

This set comes with a Thermocolor Server, an 02 clear plastic V60 Dripper, a 40 pack of Brown 02 filters (Tabbed) and a black plastic Measuring Spoon.


Product Number: VDSS-3012-B

Color: Black and Clear

Size: 238 x 137 x 175mm

Capacity: Practical Capacity 500ml 



Dripper: Acrylonitrile-styrene Resin (Heat resistant up to 90 degrees Celsius)

Measuring Spoon: Polypropylene (Heat resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius)

Top Lid: Polypropylene (Heat resistant up to 140 degrees Celsius)

Lower Lid: Silicone Rubber (Heat resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius)

Body: Heatproof Glass (Heat resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius)

Parts in the Lid made in Vietnam

Made in Japan


Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual

Brown paper cone shaped filters in plastic bag, black plastic measuring spoon, glass server with thermocolor graphics and black plastic lid with cap, and clear plastic cone shaped dripper. Set against a pink gradient background.
GIF showing the glass server filled with hot and cold coffee to display the changing thermocolor graphics based on the temperature of the drink inside.