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Zebrang Outdoor Double Wall Coffee Maker Mug

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This handy stainless steel mug is designed for brewing and serving. Its insulated design makes it optimal for both hot and cold coffee. The mesh filter allows only fine sediment and oils though creating a heavier bodied coffee. To brew, simply add ground coffee to the mesh filter, add hot water and allow the coffee to extract until desired strength is achieved. Remove the filter and enjoy!


Product Number: ZB-SMCM-300B

Size: W120mm × D93mm × H107mm

Practical Capacity: 300ml


Body: Stainless Steel

Handle, lid, strainer: Polypropylene

Drawstring pouch: Polyester

Body: Made in China

Lid, strainer: Made in Japan

Not safe for use in an oven, stove or open fire. Hand wash only.

a black mug with a black lid and handle. set on yellow background
Black mug with handle, exposing inside of the mug which is stainless steel. Coffee filter basket that can be placed inside the mug. The lid of the mug is used as a coffee basket drip tray. set on yellow background