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Zebrang Outdoor Metal Drip Kettle 800ml

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This Metal Drip Kettle is perfect for camping. The black powder coating and wood handle lid makes for a modern look. It has a smaller body that is easier to pack away and take on the go. The kettle features the iconic Buono shape but with a stainless steel handle which is great for use over a campfire. 

Product Number: ZB-DK-MB

Color: Matte Black

Full Capacity: 1.2l

Practical Capacity: 0.8l

Size: 260 x 150 x158mm


Body: Coated stainless steel

Knob of lid: Natural wood


Made in China 


Not Microwave Safe. Hand wash only. 

black kettle kettle with gooseneck spout, square handle and flat, black plastic lid knob set on yellow background.