Glass Coffee Maker


For those who are looking for a little coffee with a full body. The stainless steel filter is micro perforated and allows fine coffee particles to pass through, making a coffee with a rich texture. The white silicone band adds grip and protects your hand from the heat of your coffee. This dripper is reusable and easy to clean. No need to resupply on paper filters. The metal filter is also compatible with any 02 V60 Dripper.

This server is quite small. Perfect for coffee for one!

Product Number: S-GCM-40-W

Color: White

Size: W132 × D110 × H164mm

Capacity: Practical Capacity 400ml


Dripper: Stainless Steel

Server: Heatproof Glass

Band: Silicone Rubber

Server: Made in Japan

Dripper: Made in China

Band: Made in Vietnam

Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual