V60 Mugen recipe with Lamill Coffee.

V60 Mugen recipe with Lamill Coffee.


Wyatt Smeaton from LAMILL Coffee shows us his basic V60 Mugen recipe. This recipe is perfect for a simple no-fuss delicious cup of coffee. Find out more about LAMILL Coffee Here!

LAMILL V60 Mugen Recipe 8oz:

-16.5g of Coffee at a Medium Grind Setting

-225g of Hot Water

-Pre wet your filter

-Add your 16.5g of ground coffee and create a small crater in the center

-Start your timer and begin pouring in concentric circles starting at the center, slowly moving out. Aim to finish this pour right at 00:40 Seconds.

-Allow to draw down aiming for a draw down time of between 3:00 - 3:30.

- Enjoy!