V60 Dripper & Thermocolor Server Set



Add some color magic to your morning routine! This set comes with all the basics and features a decanter that changes color depending on the temperature of your coffee. Cold coffee turns the graphics blue and hot coffee turns the graphics pink. It's fun!

This set comes with a Thermocolor Server, an 02 clear plastic V60 Dripper, a 40 pack of Brown 02 filters (Tabbed) and a black plastic Measuring Spoon.


Product Number: VDSS-3012-B

Color: Black and Clear

Size: 238 x 137 x 175mm

Capacity: Practical Capacity 500ml 



Dripper: Acrylonitrile-styrene Resin (Heat resistant up to 90 degrees Celsius)

Measuring Spoon: Polypropylene (Heat resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius)

Top Lid: Polypropylene (Heat resistant up to 140 degrees Celsius)

Lower Lid: Silicone Rubber (Heat resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius)

Body: Heatproof Glass (Heat resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius)

Parts in the Lid made in Vietnam

Made in Japan


Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual