V60 Compact Set

Type: Sale Item

This V60 set is serving up some serious retro vibes! The server feels like a vintage coffee pot that you would find in a diner in the 1960's. It's wide enough to flip the v60 upside-down and store it inside the server. Neat! It also has a fairly large capacity which is great for sharing. The server has a metal collar, plastic handle and a plastic lid. 

The V60 Compact Kit comes with a Clear Plastic 02 V60, pack of 10 untabbed 02 V60 filters and a sweet Heat Proof Glass Server.  


Product Number: VCKN-10B 

Color: Black 

Size: 193 x 140 x 140mm 

Capacity: 800ml measured or 1000 to the collar. 


Server Body: Heat Resistant Glass.  

Lid: Polypropylene  

Dripper: Acrylonitrile-styrene Resin  

Handle: Phenol Resin  

Band: Stainless Steel  

Filters: Paper 

Made in Japan