ROBIN Tea Pot: 100 Year Anniversary

Type: Tea

Bringing back retro products from HARIO's 100 year history

Join us on a nostalgia trip!

The Robin Tea Pot was released in 1966, the same year the Beatles arrived in Japan for the first time and two years after the Tokyo Olympics. It's a perfect example of mid century products designed for Japanese kitchens of the era. The diagonal cut required advanced techniques and gave the teapot a distinctive shape that allowed liquid to gather near the spout.

This tea pot features good painted embellishments for a very mid century design.

Product Number: NRF-3B
Size: W150 × D110 × H158mm
Capacity: Practical capacity 300ml

Lid: Polypropylene
Grip: Phenol Resin
Band: Aluminum Alloy (Anodized)
Body: Heat Proof Glass

Made in Japan