"Chaco" Tea Mill

Type: Tea

This tea mill is great for fresh grinding leaves into a fine powder for brewed tea or for sprinkling to dishes. 

Simply add green tea leaves to the top hopper and turn the handle clockwise.The grinder has a small removable sifter to separate powder from larger pieces. The lid and canister are clear so you can easily check the level of tea.  

Easily change the grind size of your tea using the adjustment screw. 

Product Number: OMC-1-SG 

Color: Green, white and clear

Dimensions: W137×D64×H170mm

Capacity: ~10g

This grinder is designed specifically for dry loose-leaf green tea. Do not use it for kukicha (Tea with stems), roasted Green Tea, Genmaicha (Brown Rice Tea), Barley Tea, Black Tea, etc. 


Lid, Catch Bowl/MS resin 

Mill Cover, Mesh Sifter, Handle Knob/Polypropylene

Handle, Shaft, Stopper/Stainless steel

Grind Adjustment Screw, Locking Pin/Polyasetal


Made in Japan

Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual