"Aisne" Cold Brew Tea Champagne Bottle


Cold brewed tea made easy!  Steep your favorite tea overnight for a refreshing cold brewed tea. The silicone "Champagne-style" top makes pouring simple, and its removable plastic strainer makes cleanup even easier.

Try steeping your favorite fruits or herbs for a crisp, lightly flavored beverage. The possibilities are endless!

Colors: Smokey Green / Pale Grey / Smokey Pink
Item Number: FIE-80-SG / FIE-80-PGR / FIE-80-SPR
Size: W90 × D90 × H320mm 
Capacity: Practical Capacity 800ml 

Glass Bottle: Heatproof Glass
Filter: Polypropylene
Removable Bottle Spout, Stopper: Silicone Rubber

Made in Japan