HARIO Wholesale

HARIO Wholesale

Not sure what Hario items to carry?

Is your shop thinking about carrying Hario products but not sure which sweet products to choose? Here is a list of some of our best selling gear that is sure to impress and delight.

Filters, Filters, Filters!

Hario users are always looking to restock filters. Even if V60 filters are the only Hario product on your shelf, they are sure to move. Less than $10 and regularly thrown into the basket and while the customer thinks "what the heck, I guess I'm running low".

Our shining star, the V60 Dripper

The V60 dripper is our most Iconic item, by far.It comes in glass, ceramic, metal and lovely colors but the plastic version is a perfect place to start. It is popular amongst industry professionals for it's thermal retentive properties but also an easy sell to beginners because of the cost. It's simple to get into pourover coffee when drippers sell for as little as $8.50. 

All inclusive sets

V60 Drip Kits make excellent gifts. They come with a dripper, server, filters and a scoop. Everything you need to make quality coffee at home. Did your friend get a new job? Get them a kit. College Graduation? Kit. New baby? KIT! You can't lose. 

Drop element here!

Not interested in wholesale, but have other questions regarding Hario product? Reach out to us at customerservice@harionorthamerica.com