V60 Drip Scale - Wide


This little scale is simple and mighty! It's very lightweight and perfectly sized for Hario pourover devices. This battery powered scale has a 3000g capacity and a built in timer that's perfect for monitoring pours and brew times. The digital display is large and easy to read. 


Product number: VSTW-3000B

Color: Black

Size: 156 x 35 x 213mm


Weighing platform and main body: ABS resin


Made in China

Batteries Not Included. (AAA)

This scale is not water resistant.


Scale Interval : 

0.1g (1g~200g)

0.5g (200g ~1000g)

1g (1000~3000g)


Amount to be weighed  Accuracy
Between 1g and up to 200g +- 0.2
Between 200g and up to 750g +- 1.0
Between 750g and up to 1000g +- 1.5g
Between 1000g and up to 3000g +- 3.0g