Mini Coffee Decanter: 100 Year Anniversary


Bringing back retro products from HARIO's 100 year history

Join us on a trip down memory lane! We brought our Mini Coffee Dripper back from 1980.

In 1980, coffee imports increased as coffee transitioned from being a luxury product to a drink that could be enjoyed in various forms, including canned and instant varieties. The Mini Coffee Dripper was created following various experiments in search of a simpler way to reproduce the cloth style filtered coffee.

The prototype of the V60 dripper was made with steel wires and a makeshift paper filter that were in the company's glass testing room. Out of convenience, this little star was born!


Product Number: CKJF-01B
Size: W105 × D90 × H119mm
Capacity: 1 cup (8oz max) (This dripper is small!)

Compatible with 01 size filters.

Dripper: Stainless Steel
Band: Silicone Rubber (Heatproof Temp. 180 C)
Glass Bowl: Heatproof Glass


Made in Japan. 


Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual