Retro Diner Pot


Behold, a glorious retro style diner pot. This pot is quite large and can hold up to 1800ml of hot coffee. It features Hario’s signature Heat Proof Glass and a shape that inspires nostalgia and dreams of maxed out caffeine. 

Note: The top of this pot is slanted.  It is not designed for placing a dripper on top.

Product Number: CDH-18CBR

Color: Chocolate Brown

Size W210×D165×H173mm


Practical capacity 1800mL


Glass pot: Heatproof glass
Lid, Lid cap, Spout, Handle: Polypropylene
Sealant: Silicone rubber
Band: Stainless steel

Made in Japan

This pot is Dishwasher Safe

This pot is not safe for use over open fire, microwave or oven use.