High Plains Woodshop V60 Pourover Stand.


Handcrafted in Arvada Colorado by High Plains Woodshop, these mid-century modern inspired pour over stands are the perfect addition to your V60 setup.

This stand is compatible with our 01, 02 and 03 drippers and 02 and 03 servers, plus it fits perfectly on our V60 Drip Scale. These stands are available in Maple and Walnut. They are beautifully finished with Rubio Monocoat water resistant finish. 

The handcrafted nature of these items makes each one unique in grain and look.


Only wash with a non abrasive soap, immediately hand drying not allowing liquid to remain on the stand for an extended period of time. We recommend a once yearly coat of mineral oil (or another preferred cutting board oil.)

Drippers, servers and scales not included. 

Items are guaranteed to be free from defects that impact the customer’s ability to brew coffee with these stands. This product does not have warranty coverage.