Since 1921

The company has been dedicated to the design, production, and sale of heatproof glass since it was founded in 1921 and is the only heatproof glass manufacturer in Japan to have a factory.

At the time of founding, glass products for science laboratories and medical uses were produced and sold. After World War II, production of household items began starting with the coffee syphon. Since then, the company has expanded to production of items such as coffee equipment, equipment for tea, Japanese teas and herb teas, microwave-safe cooking equipment, kitchenware, aroma therapy, and pet products. In the 80s, production of industrial glass for automotive headlights began.

Company Name: HARIO USA, INC.
Headquarters: 17777 North Center Court Dr. Suite 600, Cerritos, CA 90703

Establishment: December 2014
President : Ryohei Uno

Business description:
HARIO USA, INC. is owned and operated by HARIO Co. Ltd.
Design, production and sales of the highest quality heatproof glassware for coffee and tea accessories, household items, science laboratory equipment, automotive headlights and industrial and medical applications. With the ability to develop completely custom items from the ground up, HARIO's multi-industry knowledge and expertise offers the absolute highest quality and precision in every product developed. HARIO USA, INC. was established to help promote sales through building stronger partnerships and marketing support to the many US based clients while growing brand presence and consumer appreciation for all things HARIO.

*Meetings by appointment only, No retail sales onsite.

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